What We Do

Spare Keys is a groundbreaking charity that provides tech devices and wifi access to Australia’s most vulnerable people. Our core focus is helping women and children who are victims of domestic violence and natural disasters, but we also gladly help out other organisations providing support services to homeless people, refugees, and others who need a hand getting their lives back in order.

We’re passionate about making a difference, and at the same time reducing Australia’s e-waste problem.

Spare Keys funds the resources through donations, grants and fundraising efforts, and provides them directly to those in need, or through partners. Our service can be literally life-changing for women and children escaping domestic violence situations and natural disasters.

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Donate your spare device

Spare computerYour spare computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone isn’t doing anyone any good at the bottom of your cupboard/drawer/bathroom sink/car/who knows where you’re keeping. Donate your device now and we’ll give it to someone who needs it to get their life back on track.

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Donate a computer or wi-fi access Right Now.

Hotel room If you’ve ever left your computer at home and tried to do a bit of proper work on your phone, you’re about 1% of the way to understanding what it’s like to find yourself homeless and trying to sort your entire out without a keyboard. In the 21st century, a computer and an internet connection aren’t far behind food and shelter as basic necessities. Your donation will help us change someone’s life.

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Spare Keys is  Registered Charity

All donations are tax deductible and 100% of the money we raise goes directly to helping those in need.

The Size of the Problem

Right now, in Australia, there are 106,000 homeless people. 60% of them are women, and many of those are homeless because they’re fleeing a domestic violence situation … Each year in Australia thousands of people are displaced due to natural disasters – 20,000+ people had to evacuate as a result of Cyclone Debbie, Victoria’s Black Saturday bushfires left more than 7,500 people homeless, and six months after Cyclone Yasi 1,000 people were still unable to live in their homes … Last year in Queensland almost 2,000 families stayed in a Ronald McDonald house because they had a loved one in hospital.