Donate your spare device to help someone in need

If you have a spare computer, laptop, phone or tablet and you want to put it to good use helping someone get their life back on track, you’ve come to the right place (and if you don’t have a spare device to give away, that’s OK. You can buy one for someone as a donation!). We take devices of all kinds, as long as they’re in working order and can be used for at least basic tasks like checking email. All devices are wiped as soon as we collect them, but it’s a good idea to restore your machine to its factory settings before you give it up (it’s easier than you think). Instructions can be found here for: Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone and iOS.

Once you’re done, use the form below to donate your device. We currently collect from South East Queensland, or you can post your device from anywhere to:

Spare Keys Donations
20 Yiada St
Kedron Qld Australia 4031