Share Your Spare Keys

With Australia in the middle of a bushfire crisis and the first cyclones of the season starting to hit our shores, all around the nation there are people and pets in need of safe places to stay. You can help by offering your spare keys to those in need. We’ll keep your details secure and let you know when there are authorities with people and pets near you who can use your help. You don’t have to be in an affected area to help, just willing to give a temporary room to a person or pet in need. (And while the bushfire crisis is responsible for the most pressing need in the country now, there will inevitably be another natural disaster near you at some point in the future, so we’d love to have your details on file so we can check back in future).

Don’t forget, you can opt out any time, you get to approve every single guest or pet, and there’s no pressure to make your spare keys available if you change your mind. Before you register, check out our FAQ, or meet some of the people we’ve helped out in the past.

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